Sunday, July 23, 2017

Medals Still Undecided with One Draw Left

Round-Robin Standings
Smitty's Terminators60
Central Energy51
Winnipeg Lightning42
Manitoba Thunder43
Westman Magic33
Interlake Phillies25
Manitoba Angels25
Eastman Wildcats06
Sunday's Results/Schedule
Central 12 MB Thunder 3
Westman 8 Eastman 0
Smitty's 9 MB Angels 0
Wpg Lightnings 5 Interlake 0
MB Thunder 12 Interlake 0
MB Angels 9 Eastman 7
Smitty's vs. Central, 3:00 p.m.
Westman vs. Wpg Lightning, 3:00 p.m.
Saturday's Results
Smitty's 5 MB Thunder 4
MB Angels 4 Westman 1
Interlake 11 Eastman 7
Wpg Lightning 7 Central 2
Central 7 Westman 2
MB Thunder 7 MB Angels 6
Wpg Lightning 10 Eastman 3
Smitty's 8 Interlake 1
Smitty's 11 Wpg Lightning 6
MB Thunder 14 Eastman 1
Central 8 MB Angels 3
Westman 8 Interlake 7 (8 Innings)
Friday's Results
Smitty's 10 Eastman 0
Wpg Lighting 2 MB Angels 0
Westman 6 MB Thunder 5 (8 Innings)
Central 13 Interlake 4
MB Thunder 4 Wpg Lightning 3
Smitty's 10 Westman 2
Interlake 11 MB Angels 4
Central 17 Eastman 0

Sunday’s Games Highlights

Central Energy 12 Manitoba Thunder 3

  The Energy kept their gold medal hopes alive with a decisive victory over the Thunder.  Anni Conrad had three singles and scored a pair of runs for the Energy while Zoey Pearce had four hits and three runs scored and Quinn McLaren added three hits and three runs.


Westman Magic 8 Eastman Wildcats 0

  Cassie Crerear had two hits, a stolen base and two runs scored as the Magic evened their record and kept their medal hopes alive.  Jasmine Horwood also scored a pair of runs for Westman.


Smitty’s Terminators 9 Manitoba Angels 0

  Jayda Neiles, Rylee Konowalchuk and Annabeth Carlburg scored two runs apiece as the Terminators remained undefeated.


Winnipeg Lightning 5 Interlake Phillies 0

  Samantha Bradbury had two hits and scored a run for the Lightning.


Manitoba Angels 9 Eastman Wildcats 7

  The Angels ended their Provincial Championship in a winning note, scoring three runs in the 5th and 6th innings for the victory over winless Eastman.  Maddy Wiebe and Denise Hammersley scored a pair of runs each for Manitoba.


Manitoba Thunder 12 Interlake Phillies 0

  The Thunder scored in four of the five innings played to beat the Phillies.  Dani Hawryluk scored three runs for the Thunder while Taha Bartel had three hits, including a triple.

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